Sunday, October 16, 2011

Not So Handy

My dad is an airline mechanic, so one would think that some of that handy skill would be passed down to his daughter. Well, it definitely wasn’t and I realized this as I tried to hang my curtains up for the tenth time.
Nothing hanging on my walls in the entire apartment was done conventionally. My roommate duck taped our clock to our wall. The curtains in our living room were secured on the wall with the pieces of hooks command stripped to the wall. Luckily when my family came to visit one weekend, my dad secured it properly while he proceeded to laugh at our sad attempt of handy work.
So when hanging up my curtains in my bedroom, I knew I would be in for a challenge. My curtain rod is a $4 extendable rod I picked up at Wal-Mart so I cannot be the only reason for my curtains constantly falling down.
I had no hooks, no nails, and no hammer for this job. So, I grabbed my only available mechanical instrument: packing tape. Some may laugh but strong enough tape has never failed me in the past.
So, I put down a bit of tape on each piece of wall where the curtain rod would be secured from. This did not hold it at first, so I simply moved the curtain rod above the pieces of tape and used the tape as a makeshift shelf. Yes, I do hope to redo this later but at the time, it was my only option.

My beautiful makeshift curtain rod holder made out of scrunched up tape.

Next, I extended the rod as far as it would go before hitting both sides of the wall. I held it and proceeded to secure the middle extendable part with masking tape. Although very wobbly at first, the tape solution seemed to suffice.

Taped securely to make sure that the curtain rod doesn't detract, of course.

I do not recommend this to anyone looking to put up their own curtains but for someone who didn’t know the difference between a nail and a screw, it serves to be a good temporary solution.

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