Sunday, November 6, 2011

Drinks All Around!

Have you ever had twenty cases of beverages in your house at one time?
Well, I had never had so many until this past week. My roommate is coordinating a benefit for one of the organizations she’s involved with and was able to get about twenty cases of drinks donated to her by Coca Cola.
She was super excited and I was excited for her… until we had to pick them up and bring them to our apartment.
My roommate has a two door car, which is fine for her to get around. However, stuffing it with sodas and waters was a definite challenge. We had a man help us load up from the place where we picked up the products and even he was surprised we were able to fit it all in.
The products overflowed the backseat and the trunk and once they were loaded up, we were on our own. My roommate carefully drove back to our apartment, hoping that no sodas would fall out of the cases.
We luckily got a parking spot right up front but then the worst part came. Two girls unloading a car of twenty or so packages of beverages is one of the worst ideas ever.
It would be fine if they were just the little twelve packs you get at the store, but most of them were the twenty four packed crates that weight about a million pounds.
We begin to unload and once we get inside, we must figure out where to put them. Not wanting to carry the heavy package for too long, we begin to make piles in the living room.

Hello giant crates of Coca Cola products.

So for the past week or so, our apartment has been filled with crates of water bottles, sodas, and other beverages. It took about thirty minutes for us to unload and it was one of the most intensive workouts I had had in a while.
After intricately stacking them, the water bottles took a tumble. Woops!

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