Saturday, September 10, 2011


Crickets have invaded my apartment. I thought my midnight cricket incident would be a onetime occurrence, but this has proven to be false. Here is how the cricket crisis has escalated.
Apparently at the beginning of every month, the apartment complex sprays for bugs. This would be all fine and dandy but of course when this happens, all the bugs retreat down to the first floor to die or to hide. Unfortunately these lucky bugs decided to retreat and take refuge in the apartment.
During the evenings, my roommate and I began hearing loud cricket noises and for a while we just figured they were outside.  We then noticed that these cricket noises continued throughout the day and would get even louder at night.
We quickly began finding crickets everywhere in the apartment. In the hallway, under chairs, under the couch, in the shower, these bugs began popping up everywhere until our cricket tally went up to nine. Nine live crickets, it’s insane!
My roommate and I have come to the conclusion that they are probably living in our vents, so we’ve had to seal off our vents. These crickets are also getting smarter as they come out of hiding, one by one. They’re hiding against the wall so we can’t catch them in our Tupperware containers and one could even fly (that one was terrifying).
Unfortunately, not all of the crickets have been released alive. We’ve lost some legs in the process and the cricket hiding out in the shower had a cricket heart attack when we slammed the Tupperware down on the tile.
According to the maintenance workers, this problem should diminish once the weather cools down. But it looks as for the rest of September, my roommate and I must stake out the place and win our apartment back from the cricket invaders!

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