Sunday, September 4, 2011

Lucky Cricket? Not at Midnight..

It was close to midnight and my roommate and I were just about ready to go to bed. I was in my room and she was in the bathroom brushing her teeth when she yelled to me to come in the bathroom.
“Do you hear that?” she asked me as we both went silent. The sound of little legs came from above the bathroom mirror but went away shortly after. We looked at each other, and then up above the mirror again. A minute or two went by and still nothing, so we thought that maybe it was nothing.
I picked up my toothbrush and looked down at it to put on the toothpaste on it when my roommate screamed. I nearly dropped my toothbrush when I looked up and saw a huge cricket dangling from the top of the mirror.  
We both screamed and started running around, closing doors so it couldn’t get into our rooms. We then ran to the kitchen, grabbed flyswatters and returned to meet our foe.
The cricket had made it down onto the floor. With every hop it made, we let out another shriek.
“We can’t kill it, it’s too big!” I exclaimed to my roommate. She agreed and tried throwing a laundry basket on top of it to trap it. Quickly realizing that he could escape through, we had to think smaller.
Retreating back to the kitchen, we grabbed a small Tupperware container. After circling him, we threw the container on top of him, trapping him in mid-hop.
Now we had to figure out what to do with this bug. We didn’t have the hearts to kill him, but there was no way we would touch him.
“Let’s scoot him out!” my roommate yelled as the cricket continuously knocked on the top of the container, trying to jump away. We agreed this would be best and gingerly scooted the cricket across our entire apartment to the front door.
I got up to open the front door as my roommate held the Tupperware container down. We kept the flyswatters at the ready so we could bat the cricket out if he tried to hop back in through the door.
On the count of three, I opened the door and my roommate flung him out of the container. We quickly slammed the door and had a bit of a celebration after our triumphant victory.

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